BankPacific Visa Check Card

A fast, convenient, and safe way to pay

A BankPacific Visa Check Card is a type of “debit” card that looks similar to a credit card but acts like a check because the purchase amount is deducted from the cardholder’s checking account.

  • Quicker than making a trip to the ATM, more convenient than writing checks, and safer than carrying cash.
  • Accepted at millions of merchant locations worldwide.
  • No need to use your PIN—just sign as you would for any Visa card.
  • BankPacific Visa Check Card purchases are automatically deducted from your checking account, so there’s no interest to pay.
  • Simplify your record-keeping—your monthly statement provides you with a detailed record of all your transactions.

Tips for responsible use

  • Know your current account balance. Don’t forget about checks that have not yet cleared your account.
  • Always take sales receipts and carbon copies.
  • Record your transactions in your check register as soon as possible. Remember to include any financial institution fees that may apply. Store your receipts safely in one place in case you need them later.
  • Review your statements carefully. If you suspect a mistake, call BankPacific immediately. And always follow up with a confirmation letter.
  • If your card is lost or stolen, contact BankPacific immediately. This reduces your liability if fraud losses occur.
  • Keep your PIN private. Memorize it. Don’t write it down or write it on your card, and never tell it to anyone.

Important BankPacific Visa Check Card facts

  • The amount of your purchase is deducted from your checking account automatically—so be certain you have adequate funds at the time of purchase.
  • Car rental companies may require you to present a credit card in order to reserve a car but you may pay for the rental at its conclusion with your BankPacific Visa Check Card.
  • To meet consumer demand for payment conveniences such as express/video checkout at hotels, pay-at-the-pump fueling, and one-swipe payment at restaurants, Visa has established processes to protect BankPacific Visa Check Card issuers, merchants, and cardholders. Similar to how check deposits can’t be immediately withdrawn, account deductions can’t immediately be cleared when the final amount isn’t known—this typically applies to hotel, restaurant, and pay-at-the-pump gas station purchases.
  • You could be charged two fees when you use your card to withdraw cash at an ATM that is not owned by your financial institution—one by your financial institution, and one by the ATM owner.

BankPacific Visa Check Card – FAQ

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